How Many Blog Posts per week for ranking

How Many Blog Posts per week for ranking and increasing good traffic is the normal questions that people ask.

While we write blogs the blogs should be unique and in a simply language that everyone can understand and get know the message you want to deliver.

As per the study and data we should write at least three to four blogs per week.

How to write blog post for ranking ?

  • Blog topics are related to your services and work only so that the traffic come to you web-page should be genuine.
  • The Blog should have long term keywords that can be rank easily in Search Engine and get high traffic for shot time.
  • Blog should be of minimum 300 words and should contain keywords for at least 3 times.
  • The blog should be relevant and unique and long as you can write.
  • Keep the goal of your blog and audience for more relevancy.
  • It will help in converting your traffic in leads also.

How Many Blog Posts per week for ranking

How Many Blog Posts per week for ranking ?

You should go for two or three long blogs per week or three or four should blogs per week. It will make your traffic double and more the blog post more will be the traffic but it should be unique.

Keep checking your website traffic and try to improve your blogs and update you high traffic blog time to time to maintain good traffic and ranking for your blog post.

Focus on the audience that are regular reading your blog post. You should not only have to focus on new user but you have to give a good and informative content to your regular users too.

After this, You should do the on-page SEO for your blog with some backlinks if possible to drive some extra traffic to your blog from other sources also.

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