Best SEO Plugins for WordPress

The Best SEO Plugins for WordPress 2021

To start off the list, we’ll mention SEO plugins for WordPress. These are often easier to know and install, and you’ll choose between a good range of plugins with different features. the simplest plugins show you SEO projections and proposals on your page and post editors, while others are limited in their feature-sets, but they need unique assets like options for checking broken links or minimizing the file sizes of images.

  1. Yoast SEO
  2. The SEO Framework
  3. SEOPress
  4. Rank Math
  5. SEO Squirrly
  6. Broken Link Checker
  7. Rel NoFollow Checkbox
  8. All in One Schema Rich Snippets
  9. WordLift

The quick list of recommendations is shown above, but we highly recommend scrolling through the more thorough reviews we’ve completed on the simplest SEO WordPress plugin options below.

1. Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO reigns supreme because the king WordPress SEO plugin, and is what we use here on the Webrank blog. 👑 With an astounding 16,700 5-star ratings at the time of this text , Yoast continues to wow the WordPress world with impressive updates, a gorgeous interface, and therefore the most user-friendly option for creating your blog posts and merchandise pages stand out.

The Best SEO Plugins for WordPress 2021

What’s more is that Yoast SEO has its own website with premium support options, a thriving community within the forum section, an informative blog to find out more about SEO, and SEO courses for beginners, intermediates, and advanced users alike.

You can also gain access to Yoast SEO premium from that website, which offers more advanced features like keyword optimization for five keywords on a page, previewing what your page will appear as if on Twitter and Facebook, and internal link suggestions for sending users to other locations on your website. confine mind that that’s alittle portion of the premium features provided.

The premium plugin sells for $89 per site, making it a desirable deal for anyone. However, those on a budget still receive the free plugin, which beats out most other SEO WordPress plugins by an extended shot.

Features That Make Yoast SEO an excellent Choice:

  • Type in keywords and analyze how well you’ve got optimized for those keywords on pages and posts.
  • See exactly what your Google program result’s getting to appear as if . With this, you’ll adjust the meta description and title to form it more appealing and keyword rich.
  • A readability check is completed on all pages for you to know if you would like to interrupt up paragraphs or add elements like numbered lists or headers.
  • The plugin detects if you’ve got duplicate content in your page or post.
  • Yoast has a number of the simplest resources and support we’ve ever seen from a plugin developer.
  • They also update the plugin every fortnight .
  • The premium plugin provides a redirect manager, free support, content insights, and an ad-free interface on the backend.



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