Toxic backlinks – How they harm your Ranking Keywords

Toxic backlinks are links from Website that can weaken your Ranking Keywords in SEO. Weaker SEO means smaller organic callers. Smaller organic callers can mean smaller leads for your deals platoon.

Toxic backlinks can be made organically, or they can be the result of former less-than-white-hat SEO

How you can Find toxic backlinks ?

You can finder many website that tells about your backlinks like SEMrush, Ahrefs, Alexa and many more.

Toxic backlinks

How you can remove toxic backlinks ?

  1. You have to mail of contact the site admin to remove the links that are harming your Website.
  2. If the owner don’t remove your links from his Website then you have to Disavow links for your site.

How you can Disavow links for your site ?

The links that are unnatural or paid links which has high spam score and that are effecting your website has to Disavow from the website so that the quality links that you have made naturally can give you better results and help in getting best website ranking in the search engine.

By Disavow links you have to tell that these links are not natural or they are paid links that you want to remove from your backlinks as they are effecting your efforts made in SEO.

Follow the following steps that help you to Disavow the links in Google search engine :-

  1. Firstly decide is this important to remove these links.
  2. Now you have to create a list of all toxic links that you want to remove.
    1. You have to mention domain or url one at one link that you want to remove
    2. The file must be a text fileĀ encoded in UTF-8 or 7-bit ASCII
    3. Format of your file should be in .txt
    4. The length of Url should not excide 2,048 characters
    5. You can submit 1,00,000 lines at a time and the .txt size should be less than 2Mb.
    6. now your file is Ready to submit.
  3. Visit search console disavow link and select your property.
  4. Upload the file you made.
  5. Submit it.

It took few Week to read and not consider as backlink for your website.

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