Google Ranking Factors You Need to Know for 2022

It’s the end for 2021 and the Google Ranking Factors are changing day by day as 2022 is coming you need to know some plan for your better SEO.

To rank your keywords you should be ready for year 2022 as online traffic is increasing day by day.

Google Ranking Factors You Need to Know for 2022

The 10 most important Google Ranking Factors for 2022

  1. Highly Relevant Content that matches your topic
  2. High Quality Backlinks for your Keywords
  3. Choosing of Keywords for your Business Growth
  4. Site Authority as per SERPs
  5. Site Quality and user experience on your site
  6. Mobile Friendly pages and optimization
  7. Site Speed Test according to Google Speed Insight
  8. Domain security use of SSL Certificate
  9. Meta Data for your Page Ranks
  10. Business Listing for Local SEO

The above are the basic and normal factors to rank on Google as google is following around 200 Factors to rank a website in his google search.

Why Google Ranking is Important?

Google ranking is an important factor for online business these days as maximum over 90% user use Google Search Engine to Search there Query and click on the website that are ranking on first page.

Top 3 factors of google ranking are Website Speed, Relevant Content and SEO.  We have to kept in mind that Content is the key for ranking any website in google Searches as Google want there user to get Quality results on their Searches.

By ranking your website or web pages on google search page will increase your website traffic as well as help in generating leads for your website.

Bullet rank your website Organically on google if your website has High Quality backlinks. Google mark high quality backlinks are most important for rank factors on organic search.

Google has two factors to showcase your website on his Search.

one is Organic also called SEO and secondly is advertising usually said PPC or CPC (pay per click or cost per click).

To Generate business on google search on first day then google advertising is the best formula.

If you want to generate business for long run then SEO is the best and smart move for any business.

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