What one tip changed your coding skills forever?


What one tip changed your coding skills forever? this question is simple and always get in our mind while learning coding in collages or institute. If you guys want to grow your coding skills learning is the basic method you have to be advance and you have to recognize the ability and skill that you only can do.

There are many people learning coding but there are two types of people :-

  1. The people who learn, implement and  face the problem in a easier way then anyone else can. They are not good in coding but they have the inbuild skill to make their problems easier and solve them quickly.
  2. Now come the person who now the language in depth but when the face a problem they took more time to figure out the problem but once they understand they get the solution quickly.

changed your coding skills forever

Its a not just the matter of language or depth of language you know its all about the coding and skills how you used them and how you enjoying doing your jobs.

If you do your jobs with fun and you loving doing it without anyone pressure.

You can increase your output more and rare change of any problem you face.

If you learn enjoying your work then this one tip will changed your coding skills forever.

The cording  is the mixture of data and structure so its important to find some the path and language you should choose during this. I recommend you all to focus on .PHP, C++, .NET or Java for batter future. These all language are trending and have good scope for all.

At last i say that do what you want to do just enjoy your life.

Improve your skills to successive future and Enjoy your life and all moments.

Happy Learning Guys! Enjoy your Day

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