My Cache Option in Search Engine is Not Showing

My Cache Option in Search Engine is Not Showing :-

What is Google Cache?

Google cache may be a copy of a webpage stored on Google servers as a snapshot just in case the page becomes unavailable for any reason. Pages on an internet site form a neighborhood of Google’s cache which, are often wont to serve the last known version of the page if the page becomes unavailable.

Caching from Google is merely wont to serve the page if it becomes unavailable. Google doesn’t serve cached versions of a page unless requested.

Why is Caching Important for SEO?

Caching doesn’t directly benefit SEO. Instead, caching performance and render view are ways to understand:

  • How often is Google caching your page? (The frequency can give insights into the pages top level index value)
  • How did your page look when the page was last crawled?

Using caching we will ascertain:

  • How often is Google crawling and updating the cache for the required URL?
  • How Google saw the page on the last crawl – this is often an excellent thanks to identify any anomalies like hidden link spam, rendering issues and more

Identifying pages that have poor caching performance may be a good way to spot pages that require to be updated more regularly + linked to more internally.

How do you view a Cached Version of a Web Page?

There are multiple ways to look at a cached version of a specified URL. Google’s guidance is to:

  • On your computer, do a Google look for the page you would like to seek out .
  • Click the green down arrow to the proper of the site’s URL.
  • Click Cached.
  • When you’re on the cached page, click the present page link to urge back to the live page.

Alternatively, if you employ Google Chrome, you’ll simply add the cache: command ahead of the web site URL you would like to see .

So ahead of your URL you merely put cache: so your URL would seem as: cache:https//

This will show the cached version of the URL.

My Cache Option in Search Engine is Not Showing

My Cache Option in Search Engine is Not Showing

How we can resolve it

Google Cache error :

You can get ride of cache error of your pages by following method

Method 1 :

Search your domain name in google then on SERP Pages there is dropdown list near your domain name that contain value are “Similar” and “Cache” choose cache you will get following URL

For Example:

after that you just need to remove highlighted part and put

So your url will look like this :

Method 2 :

Or else you can do one thing just remove the “/” from URL

then your URL look like this:



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