Boost Your WooCommerce Site with Jetpack

Running a web store is about far more than selling products; it also involves choosing the proper tools to enhance your customers’ experience, save time, and increase efficiency. And WooCommerce integrates seamlessly with one among the simplest multi-use tools available for WordPress: Jetpack.

Let’s take a glance at how WooCommerce and Jetpack work together to enhance store functionality, protect your customers, and prevent time.

What is Jetpack?

Jetpack is that the ultimate WordPress toolkit, developed by Automattic, the corporate behind WooCommerce and It offers features for security, design, speed, marketing, and more in only one plugin, so you don’t got to beset your site to urge everything you would like . And if you don’t want the entire package, no problem: you’ll also enable the features you would like and switch off those you don’t.

All of Jetpack’s functionality is provided and hosted by, so there’s never any additional strain on your server that would decrease your site’s load time. Jetpack is additionally employed by extensions like WooCommerce Shipping and WooCommerce Tax to authenticate external requests.

How can Jetpack improve your store?

Ship packages with ease

Save time and simplify shipping with the free WooCommerce Shipping extension. you’ll print USPS and DHL labels right from the WordPress dashboard, charge them to your mastercard , and save to 90% on shipping.

This feature allows you to ship both nationally and internationally without having to attend in long post office lines — just slide your labeled package into any dropbox box or schedule a pickup from your door. Jetpack facilitates the connection to USPS and DHL, and also allows your mastercard to be charged for labels.

Calculate taxes without the effort

Depending on the situation of your business and customers, tax calculations are often complicated and overwhelming. But the free WooCommerce Tax extension automatically calculates everything for you by city, country, or state.

WooCommerce Tax is additionally powered by Jetpack, enabling the extension to calculate both national and international taxes.

Back up your store in real time

If your website goes down for any reason — it’s hacked, there’s a plugin conflict, otherwise you make a coding mistake — it are often detrimental to your online store. After all, every minute your site is down is time once you can’t make sales!

Jetpack Backup offers real-time backups that save a replica of your site whenever you create a purchase , update a page, or add a replacement product. The backups are stored separately from your host, in order that they won’t be compromised within the event of a hack and may be restored albeit your site is down. the simplest part? There’s no got to hire a developer or understand code; you’ll restore a backup in only a couple of clicks. While this specific Jetpack feature requires a further cost, it’s well worthwhile for ultimate peace of mind.

Manage your store on the go

As a busy entrepreneur, you’re not always ahead of your computer. you would possibly be out sourcing new materials, testing ingredients, meeting with suppliers, or traveling between your home and store. But that doesn’t mean that your online store has got to be stagnant.

Easily manage your site on the accompany the free WooCommerce App. Create, edit, and publish products; manage the whole order process from sale to fulfillment, and track your store analytics all from your mobile device.
etpack facilitates the connection between your store and therefore the mobile app, enabling you to form the foremost of the tools without complicated configurations.

Keep your site safe and secure

When you run a web store, you’re liable for quite just your products and content; you’re also liable for your customers’ personal information. this suggests that security may be a top priority.

Jetpack provides a spread of both free and paid security measures , including:

Downtime monitoring (free): Get an alert the second your site goes down so you’ll troubleshoot and obtain it copy and running as quickly as possible.

Brute force attack protection (free): Block unwanted login attempts from malicious bots and hackers.
Secure check in (free): Protect the login process by requiring a verification code surely users.

The activity log (free): See a full list of everything that happens on your site — plugin updates, page additions, code changes, and more — along side exactly who took each action.

Jetpack Scan (paid): found out automated malware scanning that guards your site even once you can’t. Get real-time alerts if anything suspicious is found, and fix the bulk of known issues with one click.

Jetpack Anti-spam (paid): Automatically review and delete spam comments which will make your site look unprofessional and redirect customers to unsafe content.

When combined, these features provide full-scale security that you simply can trust. Learn more about securing your online store.

Make sure your store loads quickly

A slow website discourages customers and negatively affects your program rankings. Jetpack provides a set of free tools that speed up your site without requiring complicated code or configurations:

A WordPress CDN: Serve images, photos, CSS, and static Javascript files from WordPress servers round the world. This takes the load off of your own server, thus speeding up your site, and it’s particularly helpful for international stores. Learn more about the advantages of a CDN.

Fast video hosting: Embed videos directly on your site without pricey, ad-packed third-party services. Since the videos are loaded from WordPress servers, they won’t hamper your site.

Image lazy loading: Automatically delay the loading of images until your site visitors scroll right down to where they seem on the page. this suggests that customers won’t need to wait seconds (or even minutes) for all of the pictures to load directly .

Help customers find products quickly

You want potential customers to seek out exactly what they’re trying to find on your site within seconds. Otherwise, they could leave your store for a competitor.

Jetpack Search provides a super-fast, dynamic search tool. Customers can filter results by date, category, tag, and other factors to quickly narrow down your product catalog. No more clicking through categories and menus to seek out the proper fit!

While Jetpack Search may be a premium tool, it includes unlimited searches and typically finishes up being far more affordable than other options. Learn more about site look for WooCommerce.

Improve your store by installing Jetpack today

Not only do WooCommerce and Jetpack combine for a seamless, improved online store experience, they’re also backed by an unrivaled support team that knows WordPress better than anyone else. start with the sole toolkit created by WordPress for WordPress.

Download Jetpack today.

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