Beginners Guide : How to Install a WordPress Theme

Beginners Guide : How to Install a WordPress Theme :-

Are you looking to put in a WordPress theme?

There are thousands of WordPress themes available (both free and paid). As a beginner, you’ll want to undertake out a couple of of them on your site until you discover the proper one.

In this beginner’s guide, we’ll share detailed step by step instructions on the way to install a WordPress theme. We’ll cover three alternative ways to put in a WordPress theme, so you’ll choose the tactic that works best for you.

Before you put in a WordPress Theme

Installing a WordPress theme is straight forward but confine mind that if you activate a replacement theme, then it’ll change how your website looks and functions.

If you’re switching from an existing theme, then you’ll want to seem at our checklist of belongings you got to do before changing WordPress themes.

If you’re installing a WordPress theme on a replacement site, then you’re good to travel .

Install a topic using WordPress Admin Theme Search

If you’re looking to put in a free WordPress theme from the themes directory, then the simplest way is by using the built-in theme search functionality.

The first thing you would like to try to to is log in to your WordPress admin area. Go to the Appearance » Themes page and click on the Add New button.

Install a topic using WordPress Admin Theme Search

On subsequent screen, you’ll have the power to pick from :

Featured WordPress themes, Popular WordPress themes, Latest WordPress themes, look for a selected theme, or look for themes with specific features.

theme upload

Clicking on the ‘Feature Filter’ button will allow you to sort themes supported features. as an example , you’ll sort themes by subject, specific features, and layout.

feature filter

Based on your search, you’ll see a list of themes that met your criteria. In our case, we looked for the favored Vega theme.

When you see the theme that you simply want to install, simply bring your mouse on top of the image. this may reveal the install button, preview button, and details button.

Go ahead and click on on the install button.

install theme option

WordPress will now install your theme and show you a hit message along side ‘Activate’ or ‘Live preview’ buttons.

Active link

Click on the Activate button, and you’ve successfully installed and activated your WordPress theme.

Depending on the theme, it’s going to add additional settings options that you simply may have to configure.

For instance, your theme may ask you to put in the recommended plugins, download demo data, or review settings.

You can follow the on-screen instructions, or click on the customize button to start out fixing your theme.


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